Cheri Thurman received the 2018 Spirit of Crazy Horse Award at the 25th Annual Black Hills Seminars. Cheri is pictured here with Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. Click the image for more info.


About Growing Edge Training
“To know a person, it is useful to know what he has done, another way of defining what problems he has solved. It is even more informative, however, to know what problems he is working on now. For these will define the growing edge of his being.”
N. Hobbs, 1968


Mark Freado founded Growing Edge Training in 1995 and operated as an independent contractor for nine years. He returned to Pressley Ridge in 2004 and moved on to Cal Farley’s in 2009 until September 2017 when Growing Edge Training, LLC was re-established. Through Growing Edge Training, LLC, Mark Freado and his associates provide training and consultation services to an international array of public and private organizations in the fields of mental health, education, juvenile justice, and social services.

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